NET Value: How you can profit while the digital culture changes your value proposition can be downloaded as an excerpt, summary or entire book, compliments of the authors. Turner DeVaughn invites you to read it and share your feedback.

The Authors of NET Value

Stan DeVaughn’s career as a technology marketer, publicist and corporate/investor communicator traces the rise and prominence of Silicon Valley over four decades and the key commercial milestones of our era. His contributions at Apple Computer at the dawn of personal computing, Network Equipment Technologies (N.E.T.) after the breakup of the Bell System, and Network Appliance (NetApp) during the commercial rise of the Internet were instrumental to the early-stage success of each enterprise. In addition to his practice at Turner DeVaughn, he has lectured at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business, contributed frequent columns for business journals and blogs at

Nationally acclaimed designer and marketer Stephen Turner is a close advisor to senior management of global brands throughout North America, with special focus on customer and shareholder value. He developed and executed the landmark Turner Investor Survey in 1999, revealing new insights about investors in the Internet age, and applied the research to collaborations with leading brands of the digital culture. These included such diverse brands as Yahoo, Ariba, PeopleSoft, Macromedia and Adobe in the technology sector, and non-technology companies such as Cost Plus World Market, WD-40 Brands, Robert Mondavi Winery, National Upholstering, Zeum, CenturyTel, California Water Service Group and Incyte Pharmaceuticals.

[Stan DeVaughn at Top Line Conference]
Stan DeVaughn at Top Line Conference

[Stephen Turner at DEI Forum]
Stephen Turner at DEI Forum