NET Value: How you can profit while the digital culture changes your value proposition can be downloaded as an excerpt, summary or entire book, compliments of the authors. Turner DeVaughn invites you to read it and share your feedback.

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Here’s what managers are saying:

“I now have new appreciation for why a value proposition is so important and basic to success. And the authors make it simple to understand how the different functions in a company must collaborate to deliver what customers expect in tough times — greater value.”

– Robbie Forkish, CEO, Cloud Compliance, Inc.

“Finally, a book that shows how to apply information technology to create a more valuable business model.”

– John Lafata, President, iSynergetics

NET Value is an ambitious book that addresses issues not covered anywhere else. Managers should never confuse their company's elevator pitch with the value proposition — which is the heart of the business in the digital era. It's never been more important. In a tough economy, you can't do without one.”

– Brian Fortune, Senior Director of Business Development, Global Fluency / CMO Council

“Too often, we the geeks decide what customers value and too often we're wrong. That's because we've focused product development on a piece of technology and then focus our marketing efforts around it. The part (in NET Value) about features and benefits and how they misguide marketing just enforces that — loved that section!”

– Robert Hamilton, Director, Product Marketing, EMC (RSA Division)