NET Value: How you can profit while the digital culture changes your value proposition can be downloaded as an excerpt, summary or entire book, compliments of the authors. Turner DeVaughn invites you to read it and share your feedback.

The Value Model begins with the CEO, who must rethink the role of Sr. Managers

CMO Drives Value

What benefits do customers value most and can those benefits be quantified?

Customer Metrics

KPI's provide answers for the CMO with market-based data, such as voice-of-the-customer metrics.

COO Drives Value

Are we reducing our product's adoption costs and the complexity of our organization?

Product Metrics

KPI's provide answers for the COO by measuring the complexity of operations and products.

CFO Drives Value

Have we optimized our price point and business model?

Financial Metrics

KPI's provide answers for the CFO by focusing on costs through the lens of optimized value-pricing.

The Value Model:

A clearer understanding of how your product or service may appeal to different groups of customers can improve your business model and grow revenue. If and when each function in your organization is aligned with the needs of the market, it contributes to overall value. Offering more value to customers creates more value for shareholders.